AskGif is honest to GOD approach to bring little smile on the tense faces. Make sure to play your part in our mission to make people smile. Keep smiling and keep sharing.


A wise man once said a picture is worth a thousand words. And in the current age of technology, a GIF is worth hundreds of pictures. At AskGif we thought what could be more than a GIF? And the answer was simple, a GIF with words.

When put with the correct set of words the same gif gives you different meanings and a new sense of joy. In the 21st century when the world is busy foraging and scavenging the resources to survive, it is our mission to bring a smile to those tense faces.

What inspired us on our journey was some witty comments made after a day's hard work. Humour has always been a great medium to lighten and brighten the mood. So, when few of the wisecracks met after a tense day of work and made some witty remarks, it led to a long thought process of how to tell those stories to a wider audience. And this led to the formation of AskGif in June of 2018. We wanted to create a place where every gif is not just a moving image or a small clip but a story in itself. 

Our aim is to create the content to which people can connect. Every gif at our site has its own tale, a small story, and these little stories help us bring out the most coveted smile on your faces. So as long as you visit our site and smile, we would be successful in our mission to bring a smile to all those tense faces. So keep scrolling AskGif and keep smiling.



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